Ebix BPO

Whether your organisation is large or small, publicly or privately held, Ebix BPO can customise its service to meet your unique requirements. EbixBPO is a full-service certificate tracking service that has the flexibility to validate and monitor compliance requirements contained in any type of agreement, for any type of organisation.

The Ebix BPO service is intended to relieve your organisation of the time consuming, labour intensive aspects of compliance management, Ebix BPO also allows your organisation to retain a level of control over certain aspects of the tracking process.

Our people possess years of knowledge gained from working with hundreds of organisations on insurance/risk transfer issues and can share this knowledge with you to help fine-tune your compliance approach.

When it comes to compliance monitoring, each industry presents a distinct set of challenges for establishing the service component necessary to meet the needs of our customer. Ebix BPO has considerable expertise in handling the compliance needs of organisations in more than 20 different industries

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